A Cigar Holder May Not Be What You Think

I used to use the term "cigar holder" when referring to a cigar travel case. My mistake.

A holder is actually a tip fashioned to go on the head of the cigar you are smoking. This allows a cigar smoker to smoke one's favorite cigar without having to put their lips on it. I for one believes this deprives you of the true nature of the cigar, but that's just my own opinion.

If you think you may be interested in getting one, be patient. You can decide in a little bit whether you want to spend some serious cash for one or go the more economical route.

For the record, I would never use one. I have also never personally seen a man use one, other than the tips that come with Tiparillos and the like from the local convenience store.

As far as a cigar smoking woman using one, I've seen a few. In fact, my better half would like one. It seems she has been secretly lusting after my cigars. She has tried and liked some of my smokes, but does not like touching the wrapper with her lips. She's also not crazy about pieces of tobacco getting between her teeth from time to time.

I'm not saying some men don't use a cigar holder, but it is definitely more prevalent with a cigar smoking woman. Quite frankly, it's rare to see a cigar smoker use one at all, which includes women.

Holders are not found as easily as most other accessories. You may end up having to visit many a smoke shop and check more than one online cigar shop.

Now this is where you can keep things on an even keel or spend a fortune. You can get your basic plastic holder or pay a fortune (and I do mean fortune) for a handmade masterpiece.

handmade ivory cigar holder
Hmm.... what do you think this handmade ivory cigar holder with the 24 karat inlaid design and the gemstones backed with platinum would go for?

The handmade ivory holder is a luxury item for sure, but would make a great gift for that special cigar smoker who uses such a device, and seems to have everything. Just remember, one size does not fit all. You had better make sure you get the ring gauge most often smoked by the individual you're surprising. If you don't, it will be a very costly mistake.

And you thought you had every cigar accessory known to humankind!

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