Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cigar Humidor Maintenance

Take a moment to go over our FAQ section on cigar humidor maintenance, which have been submitted by our readers.

My new cigar humidor is not getting above 60 percent humidity. What can I do?

You need to make sure you have properly prepared your humidor. When you first receive it, you should take a clean cloth and wet it with distilled water, wringing out all excess water. Take the cloth and gently wipe all the spanish cedar inside the humidor. Wet cloth as needed. Also make sure you have hydrated the humidifier inside the humidor with distilled water. Wait at least a couple days to make sure you have the correct humidity, and when you do, place your cigars inside.

Why can't I use regular tap water or bottles water for my humidifier?

If you use tap water or regular bottled water, the minerals in the water will settle in the humidifier and render it incapable of properly humidifying your cigars in a short period of time.

Can I use Drymistat to humidify my cigars and have good results?

Drymistat, which consists of a tube of crystals can be used. These can last up to 1 year. It can take regular tap water also. Downside is the price and also the fact that you may need a couple or several to do the job that one standard humidifier does.

My humidor, which i have had for 1 1/2 years has started to have a problem maintaining a high enough humidity. I have been faithfully adding distilled water to my humidor, but it's just not helping. Is there something else I should be doing?

You probably need to replace your cigar humidifier. Even though you use distilled water, it does not last forever and is an important part of your cigar humidor maintenance.

My hygrometer says it's 70 percent humidity in my humidor, but my cigars seem to be a little dry. There also does not seem to be much change on the dial of the hygrometer even when I have had the lid open for a minute or two.

Seeing as you used the word "dial" to describe your humidor hygrometer, I am assuming it is analog. Although there is a way you can try to stabilize you analog hygrometer, which you can read about in Cigar Info Guide's hygrometer calibration section, you would be better off purchasing a digital hygrometer. These are highly accurate and come in various shapes and sizes to allow for ease of use in a cigar humidor.

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