How to Select Your Cigar Humidor

Selecting the right cigar humidor for your needs is extremely important.

After all, you'll be storing some of your most prized possessions in it.

In a pinch, you can store your cigars in a cooler (without the ice of course) or a tupperware container. You would need a cigar humidor humidifier and a digital hygrometer.

Converting your cooler into a humidor will take a little work. Refer to our cooler conversion section for easy guidelines on how to do so.

Remember.... humidors are not made to be totally airtight, so when using a cooler or tupperware container, make sure you open the lid every so often to allow air circulation.

Shortly after getting involved with cigars, you'll probably want to purchase a quality humidor.

No matter what kind of a humidor you purchase, if it is wood lined inside, it needs to be spanish cedar. The outside of the humidor can be made of any kind of wood or material you desire.

Interestingly enough, spanish cedar isn't actually cedar, but a mahogany. This wood responds well to changes in humidity and gives off a mild cedar-like aroma. This is conducive for storing and aging cigars.

Again, do not use anything other than spanish cedar to line the inside of your humidor.

Depending on your needs, there are several options.

If you purchase cigars from time to time in small quantities, a cigar box humidor will suffice.

Going on a trip and planning on bringing your Felipe Gregorio cigars? I strongly suggest you purchase a cigar travel humidor to protect those valuable smokes.

If you are a collector and purchase large quantities to age before smoking....


cigar cabinet humidor may be just what you need.

Now, don't forget to do your prep work on your new humidor....

With proper humidor maintenance and hygrometer calibration , you'll be able to keep your premium cigars in great condition.

Take a few moments and read over our information on how to choose a humidor and properly maintain one.

A little bit of knowledge can save you lots of time and money....

Leaving you more time to enjoy your fine smokes!

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