Cigar Shapes Made Easy

Traditional cigar shapes can be quite different from one another, depending on the brands. It's best to identify a cigar not only by it's shape, but also the ring gauge and length.

Your most common cigars are what are referred to as straight-sided cigars. Straight-sided means that, other than the slight curve at the head (the side you cut), these cigars should have a level line from end to end. The most popular among these are the Churchill, Corona, Double Corona, Lonsdale and Robusto.

Check our cigar shape guide and cigar ring size guide for detailed information on these and more.

A Figurado is an unusually shaped cigar.

Most recognized of the Figurados are the Belicoso, Perfecto, Pyramid and Torpedo.

Belicoso is in the shape of a pyramid and usually has a cigar ring gauge of about 50 and a length of 5 to 5 3/4 inches.

Perfecto has been making a comeback. These cigars are tapered on both ends, which gives them a bulge in the middle. These can be any size.

Pyramid has a small head (the end you cut) and a much wider foot (the end you light). This cigar flares outward dramatically and can be any size. A common size for one of these may be considered starting as a 42 cigar ring gauge at the head and ending in a 54 gauge at the foot. the length would be 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches long.

Torpedo is my personal favorite. In the past, the traditional Torpedo cigar had both ends closed at a point. Most current versions have a pointed head with a straight body.

Some shapes and sizes have different names which differ from the ones commonly used today. For example, not that long ago, what is commonly referred to as a Robusto today, was called a Rothschild. Some brands still use that name to describe their thicker, shorter cigars.

You will also come across other names for sizes and shapes that you may not be aware of, so do yourself a favor....

Use our cigar ring size guide and cigar shape guide to determine which cigars are which.

As far as giant cigars go, if you like the idea of smoking a broom stick, knock yourself out. Most are found in the traditional straight-sided shape, but can also be found in others, including specialty cigars in the shapes of baseball bats, golf clubs and so on.

There you go!

Have fun experimenting with the different cigar shapes and sizes. You will soon find the right cigars for your taste and be enjoying yourself along the way.

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