Choosing the Right Types of Cigars

Being able to choose the right types of cigars, for some people may be second-hand. That's not the case for many.

My first experience with a cigar was years ago when I was at a company meeting. That night while we were relaxing after dinner, someone passed out some cigars, which by the response of some of the experienced cigar smokers, was considered to be a very good one.

Not for me! It was overpowering to the point of nauseating. I could not believe people smoked these. So....

Fast forward a couple years later to a similar meeting. Cigars were passed around while we were playing pool. I hesitated at first, with the memory of my first one still burned in my mind. When asked why, I explained to my colleague the bad experience I had a couple years before.

Patiently he explained to me about the different types of cigars and what was involved in making a cigar. He also discussed cigar ring sizes and lengths, and how those can affect taste, along with the wrapper and cigar blend used. I was intrigued not only by the various cigar shapes and sizes available, but also by his excitement.

I took the plunge and smoked a cigar he assured me would not offend my senses. I have been enjoying cigars ever since.

Go to our guide for an easy way to learn the different cigar ring sizes and cigar shapes.

man smoking cigar
Take the time to learn about the different types of cigars.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Even the cigar aficionado was a novice at one time. Do not be intimidated. This can be a fun and rewarding experience!

The cigar wrapper and blend, along with the country and even the region they are grown in affect a cigar's performance and taste. You'll learn about these differences throughout our site and be able to apply this information when going out to choose the types of cigars which suit you.

Rule of thumb....if you are a beginner, start off with milder cigars. As your taste evolves, so will your choice in strength in many cases.

Personal Taste.

As with anything else, there are as many opinions on what to smoke when, along with the size, shape, etc. Some people subscribe to the time of day rule. They smoke milder cigars in the earlier stages of the day and work their way to stronger ones as the day progresses, capping it off with big after-dinner full strength cigar.

One word of advice, enjoy your cigar when you have the time to relax. There is nothing quite like it, and nothing so disappointing as having to cut a good cigar smoke short.

Again, you will find your own way and develop your own style.

Heads up when shopping for cigars. There are basically three different types of cigars.

The handmade cigar is my personal favorite (and actually the only kind I smoke).

There are also machine made, which can be found in any convenience store.

Lastly, there are hand rolled. Do not confuse these with handmade cigars.

We explain the difference between these three types.

Not to sound snobbish, but you would be hard pressed to find any aficionado smoking anything but a handmade cigar. Good news is, there are good handmade cigars to be had for a very

Remember, have fun learning the different types of cigars. That's what it is all about!

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